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Types of Commercial Work

Heli Chicago offers a range of commercial helicopter services for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. Listed below are some of the commercial work we specialize in:

Wildlife Counts

Cargo | Utility


Site Selection and Survey

Wildlife Survey

Helicopter observation allows for greater maneuverability, we can get you to and from your site faster for wildlife and insect population census, recreational area monitoring, habitat reporting, and conservation. By booking a block time with Heli Chicago, compliance with County, State and Federal DNR mandates are much more affordable.


 Emergency delivery of time critical components direct to the factory site.  Lessen the impact of production line interruption when hours count and overnight service is not fast enough.

 Certain single piece size and weight restrictions apply.

 Non Hazardous cargo only is accepted


Aerial Photography

Let us take you where a drone can’t! Our unique versatility provides for exceptional commercial photography for both a still or hand-held video camera. A helicopter is the perfect platform for commercial, industrial or residential film location.

Site Selection and Survey

Enjoy a perfect vantage point to view proposed real estate layouts for residential, commercial and industrial projects as well as to highlight and pinpoint major arterial routes in and out of a proposed development affordable.

Power and Pipeline Patrol

When getting your engineers and project managers down to a site is mission critical, we get the job done while complementing your primary fixed-wing patrol in a seamless manner. We help facilitate maintenance and inspection, leak detection, right of way encroachments, and hazard and storm damage inspection.

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